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Anyone who can gain control over their mind can accomplish anything…”
~ Inder Mehra

The thought of building a custom home can be a bit overwhelming for most people. If you’re anything like me, merely thinking about it is enough to cause anxiety. I have always assumed the process of building a custom home would be too much for me. That was until I met Mr. Inder Mehra.

At 82 years young, Mr. Mehra worked with Classic Homes to build his family the home of their dreams. I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Mr. Mehra in his beautiful new custom home. I found Mr. Mehra to be an intelligent and patient man, with a contagious vigor for life. His story has helped to positively sway my views on building a custom home.

In 1966, Inder Mehra came to the United States from India, to follow his ambitions of becoming an engineer, and to make a better life for his family. Mr. Mehra’s hard work and dedication paid off, and six years later he was able to move his family to the United States. While he’s well past the age of retirement, Mr. Mehra continues to work full time as an engineer for the Department of Defense, averaging 50 hours a week.

DSC_2495_6_7_8WEBMany ask why one would build a home so late in life? According to Mr. Mehra, his physical body may reflect his age, but mentally he is only about 40 years old. Although he faced some challenges along the way, Mr. Mehra describes his experience as very rewarding overall. While he admits he had no idea what to expect when he started on this journey, he was happy to put his trust in Classic Homes. Mr. Mehra is beyond thrilled with his new home, “When I got the keys, it was like the gift of my life!” he exclaimed.

Mr. Mehra speaks fondly of the entire Classic Homes team, who he felt were with him every step of the way. He had particularly high praise for our Production Team, specifically Estimator, Jamie and Dinesh Jain, Classic Homes President. While Mr. Mehra has no plans to build another home this lifetime, he says if the opportunity presents itself, he will undoubtedly choose Classic Homes again.

Mr. Mehra feels his new home can easily be described with one word – perfection.

See Mr. Mehra discuss his experience in his own words:

Visit our photo gallery for a look inside Mr Mehra’s finished custom home.


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